Elk Hunts

Alberta Bush Adventures is now offering Archery & Rifle Elk hunts in the Peace River Camp which is located in WMU 523 (Wildlife Management Unit).

Trip Profile

7 Days
Archery / Rifle
Hunt Type
Call & Stalk


Alberta Bush Adventures has a limited number of Elk Allocations. These allocations were made possible because of the ever growing Elk population in our area of WMU 523. This provides Alberta Bush Adventures with an excellent opportunity to offer some very good Elk hunts from our Peace River camp. This area is on the fringe of wilderness and agriculture. This provides excellent habitat for Elk, as the agriculture provides high protein feed and the surrounding boreal forest provides natural feed, as well as, great cover & bedding areas. Alberta Bush Adventures can offer very good archery hunts starting in late August. This is the beginning of the Elk rut. We can also offer rifle hunts starting mid-September.

Elk Hunting Photos

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