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Alberta Bush Adventures is a family run business specializing in black bear hunting, elk hunting, whitetail deer hunting and waterfowl hunting including Canada goose hunts and duck hunts.

Hunting Area

Western Alberta

Situated in the boreal forest of north western Alberta, approximately 250 miles from Edmonton, where the agriculture and the wilderness meet. Large tracks of grain and hay fields to the south & west and big bush to the north & east make this excellent hunting area. The country is very flat with creeks, rivers and lakes scattered throughout. The forests are treed mostly with poplar, spruce, pine, willow and birch. Peace River camp offers a comfortable log cabin sleeping facility for the hunters. 

Waterfowl Hunt


Alberta has a liberal bag limit of 8 ducks and 8 geese per day with triple the daily limit (or 24 of each) as a possession limit. We offer 3 day and 5.5 day goose hunts and duck hunts.

Bear Hunt

May - June

Alberta Bush Adventures offers spring and fall black bear hunting. Each season, monster black bears are taken in our camps with the top end in the 7.5 foot plus 500 pound range as well as smaller bears.

Whitetail Hunt


Our 10 day whitetail deer hunts take place in large tracks of bush & farm country with low hunting pressure which makes for excellent whitetail deer habitat.

Moose Hunt

October - November

This moose hunt offers a great opportunity for some of the best tasting wild meat.Calling, stalking and still hunting are methods used for moose hunting.

Elk Hunt


Excellent habitat for Elk, as the agriculture provides high protein feed and the surrounding boreal forest provides natural feed, as well as, great cover & bedding areas. Alberta Bush Adventures can offer very good archery hunts starting in late August.

Wolf/Coyote Hunt


We generally hunt wolves in the heavy bush and coyotes near the agricultural fields. We use bait stations, spot & stalk and predator calls when hunting wolves and coyotes.

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