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Why choose Alberta Bush Adventures for your next Alberta hunting trip?

Alberta Bush Adventures is a family run business specializing in moose hunting, black bear hunting, whitetail deer hunting, wolf/coyote hunting and waterfowl hunting including Canada goose hunts and duck hunts.
We have been in business for 18 years. We are one of few, less than 5% of the Outfitters in Alberta, that make outfitting our sole livelihood. In 2010 we will celebrate 25 years in the outfitting business. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to give each person a memorable hunting adventure. The high numbers of repeat clients makes us proud to serve you again and again. We hunt hard keeping in mind the hunter's physical condition.

We are fortunate to live in some of Alberta's most game rich areas. Alberta Bush Adventures strives to give each hunter a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Peace River Hunts:
Spring Black Bear Hunting - Each season, monster black bears are taken with the top end in the 7.5 foot plus 500 pound range. Our success on black bear is around 160% as Alberta has a two bear limit.

Fall Black Bear Hunting & Waterfowl Hunting Combo - Fall black bear hunts combined with some hot action of waterfowl hunting offers excellent opportunity for both during Alberta's best season!

Moose Hunting - Hunt in November post-rut, spot & stalk in the boreal forests of the Peace River area of Northwest Alberta. This hunt offers a great opportunity for some of the best tasting wild meat. You have the option to combine a mule deer with this moose hunt.

Whitetail Deer Hunting - It's no secret that Alberta's whitetail deer are one of the most sought after trophies in North America. Because of genetics, unlimited quality feed and low hunting pressure, our Northern whitetail deer have become world famous.

Waterfowl hunting. We are located in some of Alberta's finest farmland. Large fields of wheat, barley and peas combined with a few large lakes and numerous puddle lakes with three major flyways filtering through this area make this a waterfowl hunter's paradise.

Rainbow Lake Hunts
Black Bear Hunts - This is a tent camp facility and is situated on the shore of Rainbow Lake. We hunt black bears both spring and fall from this camp.

Moose Hunting - These moose hunts take place during the rut. Moose harvested range in size to 1500 pounds or more and yield antlers in the 45-50 inch range with the top end of mature bull moose in the 60 inch class. Overall clients can expect a good opportunity on quality bull moose.

Moose Hunting & -Black Bear Hunting Combo - These moose hunts and black bear hunts offer exciting adventure with a great possibility to harvest 3 trophy animals.

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